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My biggest weakness is my push. I just cant seem to get good hard pushes. Does anyone have good tips for improving your push strength/speed?

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push up hills ! as fast and hard as u can, but mellow hills ! and hmmm look at how sprinters run , when there foot hit the ground the rake it , it helps get more momentum and drive them forward . 

hit the ground hard with the balls of your feet

u mean the ball of your foot ! ur feet dont have balls

Philip and Hugh said:

hit the ground hard with the balls of your feet

try pushing your board up sand dunes for training like sprinters do

Start off with quick little pushes, slowly build up bigger strides, my push is one of my biggest strongpoints! remember, every little bit counts, i think one of the main problems that occurs is getting on your board and into tuck quickly, practice on a mellow hill

go goofy you get better range of movement in your leg

You mean mongo? Goofy shouldn't make a difference

maybe some leg strength exercises, squats, lunges?

on another note here's some tips =)


follow through with your pushes. watch one of douglas daluas vids coz he has a heaps powerful push

go on long distance longboarding trips. really helps!

Be proud! I'm regular and had to put so much effort in to pushing mongo and goofy!

going on long distance cruises helps heaps

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