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Comment by Benbro on March 9, 2012 at 20:48

Didn't know it was still a secret amongst fellow skaters,those new to the station don't take long to learn the ways and treat it as it has always been treated..
the place never changes,except for a few more beginners practicing on weekends,.

Yeah Benbro if only that was the truth, But it's not. As most are aware the BMB act as caretakers and mediators between locals and the longboard community, most of what happens up here does not make it to the forum pages of ASRA, like the spate of lock cuttings and entry of vehicles, The rubbish left behind by riders and event organisers,or the removal undertaken  by a few local riders who appreciate what a rare and unique spot we have, a venue that can be utilised by all disciplines. 

We have been contacted by Colin the Captain of the local fire brigade on behalf of the local community that they are not happy with the wood (LAUNCH) ramps and hay bales left behind after the last event and would like them removed. Could the event organiser or members of the luge community make the effort required to remove them as this will benefit all who appreciate and would like to maintain our good relations with the community 

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WTF!  Obviously you guys do not understand the concept of respect.. How long ago was that event exactly?

Is this the event? Phil C?

thank god its something fixable! if it was stealthy grommets moulting their rubbish on our holy land. so much harder to fix

That's just the thing, its not fixable, the physical rubbish yes but the growing feeling of discontent from the locals is not fixable, not quickly anyway. Locks being cut, rubbish left behind. This kind of shit has to not even happen in the first place, once it does its to late. If we are not careful now we WILL lose this awesome spot.

Really bad form by whoever did it, I hope they go back clean it up and apologise.


Totally fucked

a thousand groms have skated there and manage to take their rubbish with them and not annoy the locals....why can't an "organised" race group do the same...

This is something that has been happening in other spots, I know most grommets and adults are very respectful of the area in which they skate in and leave the area cleaner when they leave then when they got there, but a small group do however make a FUCKING mess of it all. IF you don't treat the area properly like Pumpy, since it is a unique place where the BMB have take care of it and made it possible for us to skate with such easy.

Basically if you want to be part of this community and skate on these holy grounds then don't fuck it up.

Otherwise get out and go skate and luge on your shitty roads and get run over by cars.

A few of the local riders are going out today to get rid of the ramps and haybales. The organisers from Launch didn't leave them anywhere near the track but it'll be sorted out shortly

I think a sign would create the impression in the minds of otherwise sensible locals that any rubbish, or anything out of the ordinary, is the fault of skateboarders. And the sign itself would be considered rubbish/pollution by many people. And many people ignore signs anyway, especially the people who are inclined to litter in the first place.

So a sign is a bad idea IMO.

Jordan Ling said:

is it possible to put up a sign telling skaters to keep the place clean? because I'm fairly sure that the vast majority of groms don't see these discussions

Good to hear that it will be fixed. But leaving stuff like that, even if it was not near the track, isn't good enough. You gotta take everything out.

sidecar nic said:

A few of the local riders are going out today to get rid of the ramps and haybales. The organisers from Launch didn't leave them anywhere near the track but it'll be sorted out shortly

Just heard from the guys that the stuff has been removed. Apparently there were a few Groms up there who were quite pissed off it was going. They had apparently dragged the stuff out of the deep bush and had been using it on a regular basis.

hi mick,didnt mean any disrespect or anything with my comment about the pumpy mate,.im glad youve made everyone aware that uncool things are goin down, soon mate when im home fro nz.

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