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Alright well it's come to lots of people attention that the locals may close pumpy from us by putting an obstacle in the middle that'd wreck the whole run.

Reason: We leave rubbish.

Solution: Pick up your rubbish for god's sake. It's not hard. Bring plastic bags and put all the rubbish in and if ur last to leave pumpy its even more responsibility to clean up EVERYTHING. Pick up rubbish, not just ur rubbish but everyones rubbish.

Seriously people, i love going pump but it sucks when people screw it up for everyone else. I went pump last sunday and had a chat to one of the locals and they talked about a town meeting where they discuss whether they want us there or not. He really liked us and loved how lots of us are respectful but some of you are killing it for everyone else. So if we get a second chance, dont bloody screw it up.

That is all

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Sounds like a great idea Bugs - you should make an event!

Yeh someone official make an event, i would but i dont think someone would trust such a small grom to make a big event like this. It'd be great to show how much we love them linden locals :) maybe $10 rego race and all money goes to the linden folks fire brigade or wherever they need the money and then like donations from people that come can go in. Lets say 32 people race, thats 320 right there. Maybe 40 people and 4 man heats. Whatever gets the most money in the most realistic way.

yeah i'd be down to be part or a fund raising event at pump. even though i suck at racing. at least it keeps the locals happy

maybe ill take a trip down to hop on the saturday to suggest it. also who is ASRA exactly located. like is it just the hopkin staff that made this website?

Dude ASRA is an association... read the about section of the website.

Awesome. Let's do it. Include a clean-up-pumpy session too maybe?

Bugs said:

A fund raiser for the local fire brigade? Bush fires are a big issue there.

YES please.

it would be nice to see other forms of gravity sport included as well


I can confirm ASRA reps (Robbo and myself) as well as Blue Mountain Boardriders locals Mick and Ross will be attending a Linden community meeting this week.  We will put forth a few suggestions, including those mentioned above, to the meeting and emphasize that as a community longboarders are generally very responsible.


Most of the locals have no problem with us being up there.  My impression is there are a few people complaining due to the increase in people going there.  I am confident that with the community showing Linden some goodwill (for example with a fundraiser/rubbish pick up day) we will continue to be able to use the road.


Stay posted... I'll let you know how the meeting goes.

I might just add that its not only longboarders, ive seen plenty of cyclists and walkers leaving ciggies around there and such

yes i saw quite a few actually last time i was up there. but that isn't the issue, they think its us, so lets try work with them. 

yea i completely agree with you, just adding thats its not just us

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