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Potential spot for a dedicated slide practice hill


So I was headin out to maccas at Woodbine (campbelltown area) when I saw something that gave me a wicked idea..

There is a triangular piece of land that slopes downhill across from the maccas and the Formula 1 hotel. It's been cleared already and just has grass on it. I'm thinking if I can get some votes down on paper, it would make a great little hill for learning to slide as its steepness isn't too shabby and it would need minimum building modifications to be made fit for longboarding. 

Here is the map to this hill:

If any of you have visited this particular maccas (marked with the 'A' pin), you may have realised it's potential.

If anyone lives near Woodbine, go check it out and let me know what you think. I believe it has a chance to become a dedicated slide hill cause as far as I can tell, the land is pretty useless for building on.


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Good idea in theory but I can garuantee that almost nobody would trek out there just to do some sliding. If it was central (i.e. near the city) it might work but good luck getting n00b groms to make the effort to go anywhere further than the end of their street and more experienced riders (groms or othare generally looking for something more challenging than an open slab of tar/concrete.

I'm not hating on your idea here. Just shedding some unpleasant realism on it.

Keep an eye out for somewhere in/near the city we could make a case for. Then when we get grief for smashing Gas, Maritime or Anzac too much we can say "OK, give us this space for slide jamming"

Nar, I get what you're saying man, it was more oriented towards the south west skaters. The advantage it would give the rest of sydney's skaters is that an existing slide spot would give a precedent to fall back on if and when I/we can locate a spot closer to the city. I lol'd at the n00b groms comment haha. 

Thanks for the input man. If anyone comes across vacant spots that would serve this purpose, post up pics or their locations on google maps.

so are you saying you are lookin for the right piece of land to buy and then biuld a slide hill on or just finding some land then proposing that the council or whoever biulds it for you?

There are pieces of land everywhere that 'could' be a dedicated slide hill. Finding land is not the hard part. Finding someone or a group of people to fund it for you, build it, pay insurances and maintain it is the killer.

I used to be fairly familiar with this area, that skatepark across the road took years and years of campaigning before the council built it. Good luck trying to get the council spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a facilty that is specific to just longboarders.

Im not saying don't try. Go for gold!

Look, alls I'm saying is that it would cost infinitely less than a skate park to build. The gradient is already there so all what I can see would be needed is some hay bails down the bottom (or similar shock absorbing material), shave the grass layer off, and hit it with bitumen. In terms of maintenance, I reckon it would be minimal as there isn't any real weight tearing up the road. patch it up a little every few years and ur laughing. With street skating, it's easy for council to just say "don't skate where you're not allowed to", but due to the nature of longboarding, roads are always gonna be the norm, so why not a little ass hill where you can practice essential skills such as shut down slides without the danger of cars or the need for a spotter or the worry of curbing that board you saved up for so hard while just trying to learn techniques. I'm not suggesting a gnarly longboard heaven with 100's of acres of tracks and hills to host a slide jam on.

That came across as a little narky but wasn't intended that way

Your last post shows how little you actually know about what would be required.

So I'll leave it with you. Good luck

Mom's a civil engineer, I know exactly what needs to be done but whatever, I'm over it. Closing the discussion cause I couldn't be bothered having an idea thrown out there and being insulted over it. Far be it from me to contribute in any way to enhance the community.



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