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Hey Guys,

I'm organising a slalom comp in the Bulleen Snake Bowl and was wondering if anyone would enter a penny slalom comp. 

Please let me know if you'd be keen to enter and your thoughts.



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Yeah its just a novelty race really. Don't sweat it, let them have a go. 

I'm curious to see what the turnout would be. No harm in trying. Nothing to lose either.

As mentioned it would be a handicap race, and I believe most kids who buy them do so as an accessory rather than a vehicle.

I see more kids carrying them as a plastic handbag, than actually riding them. As to whether they'd want to get competitive that's the question.

Having said that, with the huge increase in people buying these decks there would be some people interested. So why not put it out there.

Mmmmmm. Gateway skateboards. Kinda like "Penny Pot" before you delve into the hardcore "Speed and Smack (into the road)" of Downhill! Ha!!

I say yes to getting them an event for Pennies.

I thought they had rocks in their heads buying a Penny, but when you think about it, thats the way most old timers got into it ($7.00 K-Mart board), We are a bit behind the times with trends here in the National Capital, but you see them here everywhere now.

Yes helmets and safety are a good idea but baby steps. Their not going to buy a board, hemets , gloves and all that sort of stuff at first, We certainly did'nt, Get them an event but include real Slalom also with all the safety gear and shit that goes with it.

Then they will see how shit Penny boards are, see why you need safety gear, and upgrade.

Just need to make real slalom boards fit in a locker.


This is a great idea for a fun day.


hurry up with a poster so that we can promote this widely.



We ARE going to need ASRA points for this one!

Yeah, thats right naysayers, penny's are still skateys, and this is gunna be a skateboard race!

To deal with the Branding problem, lets call it the

Plastic Class

Penny + super loose trucks + riding bowls too much = better ankles
Penny + worn out wheels + sand in the skate bowl = the inception of slide
Penny + super loose trucks +  quiet and long main road with a decent slope = the inception of carve
Penny + tight trucks + big hills + made it without a scratch = the inception of DH.
Penny + super loose trucks + big hills + messed up right arm = the inception to wear protective gear.
Penny + all experiences put together = time to get a longboard.
Penny + longboard = fun ride to work + DH/ freeride after work.
I hope this comp happens!!! I don't get to take her out like I used to so she's over due for an awesome session.

Thanks for the feed back guys,

I like the Plastic Class Bernie, cheers.

Here' the event pages with the poster, still finding sponsors to fill it.

I'm just not sure how may penny riders will have the balls to go down the snake bowl, don't think I'd feel safe on a penny.

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