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Hi Im relatively new to downhill and have been practising my tuck and toeside predrifts. However whenever i get into position, especially going into a toeside, the sole of my foot (plantar fascia) really hurts. Is this natural and does it ever leave?

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Haha toughen up princess!


Seriously though you may have plantar faciitis, a painful condition where the sole of your heel hurts whenever you put weight on it. You may need orthaepedics or some other solution. This condition really sucks!


I only know this because I had it and the doctor said the only way to heal it was to stay off my feet for three months ( like that was ever going to happen ), amazingly I broke my ankle badly and was off my feet for three months. The pain went away and has never returned.


I would say keep skatin, if does not get better in a few weeks go see your doctor



is your foot flat on the board when you tuck? plus just practice it before you go to bed on your board best way to get used to the position

I had this condition and this is one stretch that really helped me,(just copied from a website)

'Well the key thing is before that first step in the morning or any time you've been less active and you you're going to stand up and have that sharp ouchy pain, what you want to do is, and the way I instruct them to do it is to cross their legs kind of like a guy does. So if it's your right foot you put that right foot and ankle over your left knee and then what you want to do is with your right hand, if it's your right foot, you pull up on your toes - you grab just the toes, not the ball of the foot, grab those toes and pull it up towards your shin and towards your knee. And what that does is that you've got the toes pointed up and that ankle pointed up and with the other hand you feel the structure in the bottom of your foot in your mid arch area and that's the plantar fascia. It'll feel like a firm nice tight guitar string, typically if you have a good stretch. That left hand, the opposite hand, kind of feel that area making sure it feels nice and firm like a guitar string. And what I actually ask patients to do then is to kind of let go of the foot and the ankle and then while the leg is crossed to feel for that structure, you can't feel it anymore. And then I have them again pull up on those toes, point it towards the shin and the knee, using the other hand to make sure it feels nice and firm like a guitar string and then you hold it there for a count of 10 and then you kind of let it go, let the foot relax, pull up on it again, hold it for a count of 10 and do that ten times before you take that first step in the morning, or any time you've been less active, and you're going to take that step and have that sharp ouchy pain, do the stretch again.'

just need a tea spoon of concrete bud

yep, when i first started i used to get the same pain. its very painful and ruins the whole experience aye.

i had it for a while and then it kinda just went away. my tuck has changed a lot since then so i'm sure it has everything to do with that. get your tuck right, study how the pros do it in photos/videos and then mould your tuck in a mirror.


you'll probably find it will go away after a while of riding.

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