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Dear Groms......


 there is no such thing as a "best" wheel, board, truck, bushing, helmet, glove or anything*. Deal with it.



Ok people, add your contributions.

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I don't know if I'm high or whatever, but Canberra groms seem to be bearable if not quite personable and generally good chaps. Sure they won't come to races or anything unless you post it on facebook and they spend half their time talking about school, but fuck me! they actually listen to you and can hold an intelligent conversation. They don't ask you what wheels are best and will actually try figure shit out for them selves. GOOD WORK CANBERRA GROMS (I know you won't read this because it isn't on facebook though)


P.S they freeride sooo much better than me... 

Radelaide groms gave me new found confidence in the intelligence of kids. Have met some awesome groms! Smart, polite, witty groms. I think a lot of it is how people are online as opposed to real life. People are different I think. Some super annoying groms on my facebook but I would still hang out and skate with them because I know that they are rad in the real world. All in all, groms are awesome and because of them kids don't scare the crap out of me anymore!

Happy New Year everyone....

I am old (53) and Josh is young (16) AND WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT OUR AGE ? BECAUSE IF YOU WANT RESPECT U GOT TO EARN IT...don't like that comment then it's a good time to do some soul searching . The guys that wrote the thoughts that count on this thread earned their respect and have mine .now fuck off and go skate or luge or both haha

Damn straight, age has NOTHING to do with anything.

Lance and Josh are rad!

You are all so smart. Go skate.

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