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found a roll of film thats about 5 years+ old i think and it had a few shots from the cone head cup in melbourne in 2008 or 2007 and terror in torquay on it, thought a few of the guys who where there might be interested in seeing the shots, CHC was the first legit long boarding event i ever went to and got me hooked on the sport

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Hey Sean. I remember that race. Nice pics. Was my second race ever, and first with ramps. I got to race (and get beaten by) skate legend Wedge. Bernie had a rough day if I remember righty, coming a cropper on a ramp start and then having his old stoker equipped board snap half way through a run. I even remember you sliding the shitz out of some tiny little wheels. Brandon made a nice vid of the day. Of course for you young people it seems like a long time ago, for me it seems like yesterday. I can't remember if Jacko or Steve won the day.

yeah it was the first time i met anyone outside my little bubble of guys like ching, gilbert and all of the melbourne slalom crew and really got me motivated to skate better

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