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A few people have commented on Nath's pics asking about the CF board in his quiver and he has made reference to it here on the Forums, so here is a very quick rundown of the small company building this board.

Norfin Longboards is a Townsville based deck builder working in Bamboo, fibreglass and Carbon Fibre. The boards are all cnc cut and vaccuum bag moulded. There will be a range of boards available off the shelf very soon, but custom work is their speciality.

I have been riding a prototype Norfin board of one sort or another for the past 12 months and a lot of my really expensive decks are starting to get very jealous (;-)>

At present Paul (builder) is making cruising/carving decks, but as Nath hinted, some serious DH gear is in the pipeline.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements for a deck drop Paul a line on pgdemopoulos at bigpond dot com and I can assure you you will be stoked with the results.

I'll attach a few pics to whet your appetites!!!!!

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Put some photos of two more of their boards up in my Gear album.
Nath do you know how much the deck riding on the randals and hawgs with the funky tail would cost (is it called a manta)? if they made that slightly longer in a bamboo flex similar to that of a dervish/vanguard i reckon it would be a winner as well
Yeah that model is a manta, the length of the board is about 7 cm shorter and the wheelbase about 4cm shorter then a dervish.

In regards to the flex. As they are built custom, the weight of the rider is taken into consideration to give the ideal amount of flex under that persons weight. The long cutouts behind the trucks also allow for more flexing in turns.

With the carbon bottom they are selling for $250.

I'm not sure where you live but if your interested in riding one your more then welcome to ride mine.
i'm in wollongong, yeah i was wondering why those long cutouts for the dropthrough were there, at first i figured you could vary wheelbase but it only has the single set of bolt holes. i'm sure if you could get one of these to newton's i wouldn't be the only one interested in having a look up close. it's good to see another quality local builder on the scene
I'll do my best to bring one down, there wont be much room left in the car with everyone else's kit, but i'll squeeze it in. Hopefully.
theyre real nice lookin boards.
Extremely nice work, Paul....
Here are the dimensions of the two boards above.
that manta looks sweet, a local made dervish, awesome. Out of interest how is the clear deck applied with grip? Epoxy & rock sall?
Alex Greig said:
that manta looks sweet, a local made dervish, awesome. Out of interest how is the clear deck applied with grip? Epoxy & rock sall?

Epoxy and clear grit
I'll be bringing a proto foam core speed board down with me to Newtons for crew to play with as well as the trophy boards for the Women's Downhill and I'll try to have a cruiser fit in the car too.

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