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For those of you who missed out on my last deal, here is a new one for those of you who want a bit of colour in your life.

i will be stocking the new Vector M-5 Colour helmets. i will be selling 10 of the colour helmets (RED, BLUE, WHITE) for only $200. this includes postage.

this is a huge saving considering the $229 and $249 normal price tag.

that's right you get a brand new Vector M-5 for only $200 nothing else to spend. this does NOT include the carbon and black helmets. but i will throw in a free set of FUKKEN GNAR slide pucks.

here's the deal.

- this is for pre-orders.

- i will only be doing this for 10 colour helmets. after that it's back to RRP.

- this offer is only valid IF. at least 6 people take the offer. if i get less than 6 orders i will not be going ahead with the deal.

the black and carbon helmets will not be included in this offer.

the first buyers will be listed in this forum thread.

this offer is only for Australian residents. no one overseas allowed sorry. 

if you have any questions feel free to list them here. payment in full will be required once all orders are filled.

those of you who have ordered your black and carbon helmets please sit tight, your order have now been paid for and i am awaiting shipment. 

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how many are left, and what colours?


to be honest you're the first to ask haha. red,blue and white are available. 

sam hodgson said:

how many are left, and what colours?


Alright when are you going to stop selling them? Dont really have the money at the moment but should in a few weeks

this offer will only run for a couple of weeks. i no ones gets any then i will just sell them at the RRP. no point running a discount that no one wants hehe.

sam hodgson said:

Alright when are you going to stop selling them? Dont really have the money at the moment but should in a few weeks
Alright sweet as mate, ill keep an eye on this post!

dude i would definetley be interested in buying one, possibly a few other friends would be as well, i just dont have the money currently, will tell you if i can get some in the next few weeks.

no worries Anthony. the sooner the better would be best. i will be setting a cut off for this very soon considering the lack of interest.

if you have any left and are still selling them i would be interested in buying one


Hi Daz dont suppose the Helmet deal is still going?

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