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sorry if this isnt meant to be here, couldnt post it in homegrown gear. anyway

i know its probs not the usual thing on this site but im interested in making a mini skateboard to have in my bag. not like a tech deck an actual board, bout half the size of a normal skateboard. you can buy them from shops, but there always really crap so i thought maybe i could get one of the decks from a crap board, maybe buy some cheap trucks and wheels off ebay and attach them? would it work? do you think i could use full skateboard trucks, maybe longboard wheels just to make the thing a bit more stable?

if not any other ideas? thanks 

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Yeah man it works. I used to have one with standard indy style trucks, red randal bushings, angled risers and a park deck cut down so it had no kicks. Was a mean as carving commute board! Try it for sure.

You're basically talking about a banana board. Cheap one here:

or find something 2nd hand. By the time you buy trucks, bearings and wheels you'll probably find you'll spend close to what the Vault board costs anyway.

cool thanks ill try find something on ebay

ebay my bro piced this deck up for 36$ ...he got just the deck tho for 36


have seen normal street boards cut into smaller skinnyer single kick boards and they are pretty sic


stinger is normal size

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