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SCBS ripper Luca has disappeared overseas for love, but here he is on two wheels instead of four, appearing just after the one-minute mark:

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WTF epic hot chick! Is luca some sort of male model or something?
hahaha Yeah man he is.
luca, your so hot right now... hahaha

Holy fucking shit yeah. I'm off to the shops to get me one of those bikes... get my creep on.


Sydney City Bike Squad

dude your one stylin mofo,
I used to have a bike like that, and Electra. Heavy as FECK. Ruined my knees riding that thing. Got loads of pussy though..... (yeah, cos girls really dig a bloke on a stupid 1950s american style pushbike, 'BUY THIS BIKE, CRUISE ALONG THE BEACH, CHASE AFTER BOYISH LOOKING GIRLS WITH SCRAWNY ARSES, DRINK CHEAP POOR QUALITY LAGER, LISTEN TO VAPID ACOUSTIC ROCK, LIVE THE DREAM THAT DOESNT EXIST....) er sorry, got carried away on that one...
Love that Great England of United Britain cynicism you got going there Mike.
hahahaha!! thats awesome...
oh Luca, he's soooo dreamy.

Hey Luca, do _you_ come with the bike?


Oh you! teehehehe....



Nice ad, Lucgnar. It doesn't make me want a bike but it does make me want a beer.




Carl Manoff said:

No helmets, come hither glances held just that little too long and imported heavy piss - is this a prelude to rampant unprotected sex by the seaside?

I'm looking forward to the sequel where Luca is pushing a pram sporting a nicely rounded beer gut.  His gf is pushing a bike cos she's knocked up again and sucking on a Winnie Blue.  Ain't love grand.

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