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hello everbody,
i have been recently looking at a wider range of boards as i am very interested in finding a great board for sliding and general freeriding. I like boards like the Grom Race, Drop speed and boards similar to these, the only problem is the size i am rather short and a shorter board would be good for me. I also like the ISIS but i dont know much about the board what its like and what it can do (wether it can slide, do an tricks etc. It is also expensive $$$) and if it would be good for me.

The other boards i was looking at included the Carbon Mummy, Loaded Cheviche and the Bamboo Stout, i am still in indecision and do not know what to do, any advice on which board is best or any others that are worthwhile please mention them.
All advice and tips/comments would be greatly appreciated, Angus.

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Why are daddow so good ? Apart from bein Australian ?

Well built by a man who has raced all over the world and has been in the game before the game even existed!

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