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Landyachtz Switch vs. Landyachts Nine Two Five

Just looking for a comparison of both the boards, pros and cons etc etc.
Have not been able to find threads on silverfish or here about these two boards in direct comparisons.

(p.s not sure if this is where this should go)

So lets know what you think, if you have one or have ridden one etc etc.

No stupid comments.

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does anyone know how much the nine two five wieghs? because i feel that should be a factor with a freeride board.
who doesn't love turtles?

Jonty said:
Any post with "vs." is bound to have shit in it.

Turtles, they are green, and cool, but don't turn them into a board, it's cruel. I suggest that you get a toaster and mount some trucks onto it. You can get some long 4-slice ones these days, and I have seen a 4-slice one with wood on the end! Perfect for mounting trucks. You will have a board like noone else! You will be the envy of all your friends, and soon they will try making boards out of other household items, such as fridge doors and scanners. But your pioneering in the field will surpass all others, making you the king of household-item-constructed skateboards, you will tour the world and become famous.
Dani said:
Two totally different boards. Whats better, a toaster or a turtle?

Yep...this was a stupid comment. But stupid posts lead to stupid comments.
not too much to make it worth worrying about. my toecutter all mounted up is..4kg so. not that much at all.

lamp post 56 said:
does anyone know how much the nine two five wieghs? because i feel that should be a factor with a freeride board.
what i wanna know is how come there is another dude with the same screen name as me?
Thought i had a monopoly on the name...could be confusing?? I am clearly the original (read: old)
Does this mean I could register vwith the name Haggy and make false presidential statements?
You can actually change your username any time you want. Get rid of that too-popular "nathan" thing and go for something unique.

Thanks Bugs, Im just being a dick,
From the date joined column I think I will just put O.G. after my name
i would go the 925 i like the dropthru
9 two 5, unless you like skating in a bath tub, a landy switch has one hugeee drop haha. :)

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