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I can't decide bettween these two boards, and there is no decent forums on them.
I am interested in doing Downhill, and sliding. Maybe a little bit of carving would be nice also.

I've also heard of the Rayne Nemesis, and Landyachtz Switch Blade, does anyone have any experience with these?

So far im thinking of getting the 9 two 5 with Bear Gryzzly 852's with Cult Classic wheels. I've also heard venom bushings suit that setup well.

Thanks for the help!

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Nothing anybody ever says will help you make a decision.

Go skate with various bros, try their shit, buy whatever you want, its really hard to buy a board as popular as anything you've mentioned and really hate it. Go with your gut little grommet, believe in the power of fate!

there are plenty of decent forums on them. hundreds. your just too impatient and lack the brain power to find them. no one cares which board you get, no one ever will. the only person that will care is you, therefore you need to make a choice yourself. people can give you their opinions but they wont reflect what suits you. neither of those boards is better than the other, they are just two different boards. cant make up your mind? flip a coin

Dude, your input honestly didn't help me. I've done shit loads of reasearch,(Hours everyday) and im after some final opinions to weigh my opotions. I've have not found a forum like the one i have posted, on striclty dh and sliding. Im just going to put this out there, you sound like a fuckwit. All i'm after is some info from experence.

i may sound like a fuckwit but at least i dont sound like an idiot!

and that is info from someone with experience... doesnt matter which one you choose they are both epic boards. if you dont like it sell it and buy the other? like i said there ARE plenty of forums and discussions on both those boards, plus the other boards you have mentioned. all you have to do is use the search bar in this website to browse the forums, or just get on google and check it out. its there man if you want info all u gotta do is look...

and i'll say it again, asking people online to make a descision for you isnt the way to go. so many people will tell you to buy one board and then a bunch of people will tell you to buy the other, you will be stuck at the same place unsure which one to buy. still cant figure it out? flip a coin! either way just get a skate board and go turn some wheels, searching on the internet for information will tell you not nearly enough about the skateboards than actually getting out and riding them buddy...

The information you're being given right now IS from experience. 

Neither board is better, neither is faster, they're both sick, and the setup you suggested sounds rad, you know that both boards are excellent , you know there are OG shredders all over the world that ride one of these boards, they're fairly similar, they can both be topmounted or dropped. At the end of the day they're both a funny looking slab of wood.

Also pls help me i can decide between chicken parma or chicken stirfry for dinner.

Those are the best answers you are going to get from two guys that know what they are talking about.

Thet are not trying to be rude or put you down but there is no best board.

Feel free to receive a heap of advice from groms as that is all you will get as the top guys have given up on replying to this sort of question. It gets posted up many times each week. Add this up over 4 years and the same question has been asked thousands of times.

They are both right. Buy either and take a punt or better still get out and hook up with some locals in your area and try out their boards.

Cheers to all, you have made me think from a different angle.

get whatever you want, you dont like it save up and get the other. simple.

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