ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Give it a watch eh.

I was thinking for brisbane atleast we could probably incorporate the Cover the night in to a giant skate ?
We're speeding around the city in a group of 50 people anyway so we might as well plaster it in posters.

SCBS Could probably do something similiar.

Just a thought 

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The first and only skate park in Uganda and central Africa. Putting boards in kids hand and smiles on their dials.

i think people should be wary of the Kony 2012 campaign and the motivation behind it

Another voice in the anti-Invisible Children chorus...

Why I Don’t Support “KONY 2012″

it just seems all to much like iraq and afganastan for my liking except with a push from people on social media acting in the belief that supporting these actions will do oh so much good for the world 

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