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skate tonight whoes in? we cant be the only two board riders in the area?

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ahh damn i woulda jumped in, maybe next one, wheres abouts and when? how old u guys btw?

23 and we ride anywhere there is hills lol mainly penrith. come out tonight we are hitting a few of our favourite drops

skate tonight anyone in? we will be out penrith way around 9 i reckon. hit me up soon and we can organise to SKATE!!!

hey fellas we are going out tonight anyone interested?

weather permitting skate wednesday night?

Hey Bro
Me and my mate are in the penrith area (me south penrith whereas he is in luddenham) though we both go to Penrith High on high street and are always keen to ride

where abouts do you usually ride??
and do you go to a school around penrith or are you out of school?? 

Hey Dude yea we are out of school been for a long time now hahaha. we skate anything and everything in and around penrith and we do most of our skating late nights because the traffic is alot better at 930pm than it is at 7pm. if ur keen to skate keep an eye on this post i will keep posting when ever we go out, i would be mopre than happy to show you guys some of our favored runs.





ahahahahahha, where abouts in penrith do you live??
ahahahha awesome
yeah i know what you mean but it might be difficult for us, seeing as we are still in school and i highly doubt our rents would be cool with it :/

what board yuo ride?? 

ah thats cool anyway we are going into penrith tonight for a little slidie fun but haha wont be out there till around 9.

the offer is there if u can get out.

fun police kicked us out tonight hahaha first time they ever done that to us at that spot bla dirty fun police

going skatin later whos in?

You already gone out?

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