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2011 boards Specs


KebbeK Smoothcut 37
Length: 37”
Wheelbase: 27.75
Features: 10 plys, SC Concave, drop through, wheelwells, gaspedals

KebbeK Topmount - Pascal Jean
Length: 38”
Width: 9.8”
Wheelbase: options from 28” to 30.5”
Features: 10 plys, SC Concave, wheelwells

KebbeK Hairpin
Length: 41.625”
Width: 10.375”
Wheelbase: 32.5”
Features: 8 plys, HP Concave, drop through,

KebbeK Ben Dubreuil Swithback
Length: 41.5”
Width: 10.125”
Wheelbase: options from 31.75 to 33.25
Features: 8 plys, HP Concave, wheelwells

KebbeK Ian Comishin/J-F Boily
Length: 42.625”
Width: 10.0”
Wheelbase 34.125
Features: 10 plys, IC concave, Underflush, 17 degrees wedge nose

KebbeK Stephen Daddow Smoothcut
Length: 42.25”
Width: 9.875”
Wheelbase: 32.525
Features: 10 plys, SC Concave, underflush, wheelwells, gaspedals

KebbeK JimZ Flushcut
Length: 43.125”
Width: 9.5”
Wheelbase: 33.5
Features: 10 plys, FC Concave, flushfit for Paris baseplates

KebbeK Max Erwin
Length: 43.0”
Width: 10.125”
Wheelbase: options from 32.0 to 33.5
Features: 10 plys, FC Concave,

KebbeK Rêve
Length: 43.0”
Width: 10.313”
Wheelbase 32.0
Features: 10 plys, SC Concave, wheelwells

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when are these out?

I forgot to mention, the artist is Montrealer Cam Novak.


No idea yet when these will be out. Following the Kebbek tradition, anytime between March and September, we never know really.


Also, the new Niko D pro model is gonna be added to the line for 2011, the graph is just not out yet.

i love the simplicity of the topmount

looks sick!

where would one be able to get them???



it is awesome to see these, but after having tried for over 4 years to get them back in stock for the shop and having no luck at all is there any chance that there will be a distribution network for these boards that actually works this year?





what is the differences between the concaves? the hole at the back of the new revenger (Rêve) looks rad
the Reve looks just like an avenger only bigger
sick line up though

Matthys : In Australia, not sure. When I was in Brisbane, I got mine shipped directly from a friend in Montréal, but I'm sure things evolved since.

Ado : S&J was the exclusive distributor for Kebbek last year. Did you check with them? If you still can't get the new boards through them, drop me a line : aj (dot) myriam (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll try to see what I can do.

Bozac : FC refers to the concave on the Flushcut. IC refers to the concave on the Comishin. SC is the one on the Smoothcut. We are using those letters to refer to the "original" Kebbek line. The new boards use a concave that was developped for another board at first. The FC has a flat in the middle and is an amazing concave. IC is your normal concave, but it's a pretty wide board. The SC concave is more common. As for the hole in the Rêve, it's been there since that model first came out as the Revenger on the Tribute to the Devil's Toy line (2007-2008).

Louis Tragear : The Rêve (means Dream in French) was developped after Rayne came out with a model (Nemesis?) that was VERY similar to the JimZ... The Rêve was called "Revenger" when it first came out...

Bozac : I forgot the HP concave. More agressive than the SC. Originaly developped for the Hairpin.

The revenger was brought out because Rayne copied the JimZ with the demonseed, not the nemesis. At the time there wasn't much on offer and there wasn't many drop throughs particulary ones that were a dropped deck as well so when the demonseed came out it just looked like a dead copy of the JimZ.


These days everybody copies everyone and nobody accept K-rimes really cares but you have 1000 shapes to choose from. Back then there was only about 30 decks on the market you would genuinely call a race deck and every deck shape looked different so when someone released a deck with the same shape and same design as another it just looked like a dead copy

Robbo : Yeah I wasn't sure. Thanks for the precision!

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