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how bout it?

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bump for interest.
you tried calling him?
ya'll know i meant with the cyclone and all that jaz right?

i didn't think Townsville was that badly affected by it. there was damage of course, but from what i understand the places that were meant to be really hit hard did surprisingly well.

but yeah, hope all is well wit the crew up there.

from what i heard much of Nth QLD is out of power, so i guess we won't see them here till that changes.

Yeahh all good! I have been in contact with him.

Was going to fly down if he needed a hand, but no need to, so things must be alright where he is.

all good in the hood ya reckon...

thats good



Your not to bright are you Matthys? Haha

Matthys said:

i hear he is really good!

ask some of the btb guys, like myles, joshevans, joe, merric,

all have very good perspectives

Actually he is...just happens to be from South Africa ha ha.


Hope you're all ok up north??? We should hold a disaster fundraiser event down here

Spoke to Ado, he is fine, he had a Gum Tree land on his shed at home  but he is all good. Mostly for the rest of Townsville minor damage considering what they copped.


self facepalm

townsville only had like the ebbs of the cyclone, so it didnt click for me. :P

sorry to hear about ados shed!

ahhhh... not the shed!


Glad Ado's ok

Yea, we survived. Got power back yesterday and the phoneline (well data line) just came back on then. Townsville looks like someone in the anti-green movement took to it, just cannot believe the number of trees that were uprooted and flung around.

I got some pics off my camera of the tree on my shed. can't get into the shed as the damn tree is still there and moves with even the gentlest breeze.I waited 30 years for this damn shed and Robbo will tell you about the tool collection in there. The tree is right above my big Tablesaw (;-(>


We got 145kph winds for about 4 hours and over 100kph for about 6 hours each side of that, so a fum time was had (;-)>

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