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Rider Registrations for Newtons Playground will close on Friday the 20th of November. If you have not registered by this date you will not be riding at Bathurst. Do not show up on the day and expect to register, we will not have administrators sitting by to do this. There are about 20 places left so if you intend to register you have 7days left to do this.

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Good one
Wont know if work will permit until monday -tuesday so i guess i miss out. Such is life , have a great race everyone hope an aussie brings home the prize.

Jamie Gwillim said:
Good one
Dont know if i will be able to make it due to work, i have already paid so i was wondering how to get my rider pack?
I think I'll have a crack at it,my dads keen!
I have registered for luge can i add classic luge as well on the day if there are places or do i have to do it beforehand
like the title says, registration closes on the 20th... it would be the same as someone rocking up saying im a classic luge but i would also like to race skateboard if there are places...
Robbo, did you get my message about Kevin?
Dani got the message

Lee no disciplines can be added on the day everything has to be done beforehand. you can contact me today or early next week on 02 8060 1588 to arrange this.

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