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Hey i was just checking out silverfish and saw the proto for Mischo's ronin cast trucks with the queenpin setup. I know they are made of some ridiculous strength steel (17-4 stainless) in a place that apparently makes aircraft turbines with awesome quality control but the price is looking around $300. The groms are probably frothing right now but just wondering if you would spend that much on a cast truck?

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On a normal truck when in a fast turn, there's a lot of force on the bottom bushing, which compresses, and turns a 50 degree truck into a 45 truck temporarily. The queen pin stops that from happening - the bottom bushing never gets loaded up and the turning angle never changes.

Is that a good thing? I reckon it might be for slalom, but am not so sure for downhill. I guess we'll find out.
I love the idea of a high quality cast truck, to me a cnc'd truck is just a whole load of wank and weight, unless th geometry that you wanted was not available as a cast truck, but these look nice and low, which is a core thing that people chase, so they should fill a void in the market. 

Only thing I don't like about it is that it looks like it's a 30* truck, and I was under the impression that 45* was a bit of a golden number for downhill. (having said that I am still a noob to DH)

Traction is not a bad thing when your sliding into turns, think of it this way, if you can slide later into a turn and have to scrub less speed off to make the turn then your going to be faster then the guy who you just passed as he threw a mega long coleman into a turn when you just had to throw a little check a few feet infront of the turn (huge exageration, but you get the point)

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the issue I see with the queenpin design is it is for lots of traction and precise turns... but most people's riding / racing style has changed to riding loose and sliding....

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