ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Just got my first board in the mail today from Hopkins (pretty quick delivery considering I ordered it last saturday and had the easter weekend to get through!)  Super happy with the board too! (Landyachtz Drop Carve 36)


Just went down from Brisbane to the Gold Coast to Boardshop after speaking to a dude on the phone and getting the okay to come in and pick up some protection.  Grabbed some gloves and pads and some freebies they threw in.  I just gotta say they gave me some first class service and I'm glad I didn't get treated like a total noob.  Real nice guys and really good prices too. 


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i have to say, and it might be just a few personal experiences.. but they seem to be total pricks about other things.. thats in my opinion though
hahaahhahaha ^^ thats good how they treated you though.... we should go for a skate sometime... where are you in brisbane?

Whenever i have bought from they have been super nice?
The first time they gave me a 10% discount on my dervish for a promotion that had actually expired. The other time they gave me a free dvd and a free concrete wave calender.

That was a year or two ago but the service was sick then. 

yeah when i brought my sabres of them they were mega nice with a keyrin, bunch of stickers concrete waves dvd and what not, then when i brought my early pads from there postage was two days, but no freebies :(


hahaha nah there a pretty rad company from my experiences.

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