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wanna get into freeriding and need a good new set of wheels

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Really? Why must thy be so thick in the head.
What robert is trying to say is. even orange inheats can slip out. if you want. come to bombsquad this thursday and we will teach you the magic tricks to slide like a mad man

ask harry wigney, he'll know why... you just have to break them in start of with some colemans/pendys while going fast a few times then they're good slide wheels, thats why everyone uses orange, grip when new, slide like butter when broken in
shouldnt purple slide more?

Round wheels are good. But anyway I have some metro motions in the mail with grizzlys and metro motions 80a. I hear they are good for sliding.


And yeah, 80a orangatangs are butter

yeh i heard that you can break down the purples a bit and you get a good sliding wheel! dont know much about wheel specs yet cos i just got into boarding. but yeh im not looking to break into the in heats cos its going great for downhill, i just wanna get into freeriding so i need some good wheels for it

purples have a lot more unpredictable slide than the oranges, and the orange is smoother.
If you want some full on slide wheels get abec 11 classic freerides or sector 9 78a yellow freerides

ive been thinking of getting otang durians or zombie hawgs, thoughts?

charge up some abec 11 flashbacks 81a, they will get the job done
agreed ^^^ its spelt n00b haha, im selling abec 11 freerides 81a if you're interested
haha ah maybe, how much?

Conrad To said:
agreed ^^^ its spelt n00b haha, im selling abec 11 freerides 81a if you're interested

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