ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Chopped boards, dodgy kicktails, truck mods, rain wheels, ect...

Show us your dirtiest, cheapest, jankiest setup mods or any other sick ideas you came up with at a safety meeting.

Ill get the ball rolling with this, wheel well sander, made completely from parts of your existing board.

You'll need; a drill, a kingpin and nut, a bushing and two washers. Ideally a 22mm washer with an 8mm bore, but they are hard to come by, so I fond cupped cone washers work well.

ASSEMBLE like the picture, then either stick on some sandpaper or a sheet of grip and go nuts.

Obviously I am aware that a drum sander or router can cut your wells, but why go buy a 300 dollar power tool when you can make a tool for free.

Post all your stuff, no haters, no judgement, if you reckon its a good idea, post it.

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Does replacing a snapped Butt Board at Newtons in record time using parts from bunnings count?

Great minds...

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