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Hi all,


Stumbled across a website today


Was wondering if this brand has good rep? Look like interesting designs.

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I can understand your frustration,

People before investing their hard earned cash, value the opinions of those on forums such as these, this is often a good system as it promotes quality products.

However, it falls down when people armed with only the knowledge of what they see on a brands web site, start slagging off their products without actually seeing one in the flesh, let alone riding one.

Now I am not saying these "fusion" boards are any better than half the crap on ebay, i'm just saying lets not pass judgement that will be taken very seriously by potential customers on products that people have no previous experience with.

I personally think that the more brands competing for a market the greater the product will be for us consumers, but the products presented by these new brands must be as good or better as those out there if they want the respect and business of the skateboarding community.

i think that should end this disscussion.

Trevor, thanks for the reply :). I'm keen for you to show me what you got. Do you sell exclusively through your site or will I be able to order through a retailer like Hopkin? I particularly like the stealth :)


Yeh our shopping cart will be online june 1st at the latest, but we are open to selling straight to you or a retailer.  Hit me up on a message or email and i'll be happy to answer any other guestions or give more details.

Fusion Longboards is owned and trademarked by a new company based out of Sarasota, FL.  We are requesting this thread be deleted as the previous owner and new product show no reflection on OUR brand.

Thank you for this consideration!

The policy in the past has been that threads dont get deleted as they are a record of history and if everyone started asking for threads to be deleted, or changed we would have time for nothing else.

This thread is only appears in search engines because there is nothing else to show. Build a new website, add lots of content. Add content to websites like tumblr. Soon this thread will disappear from the SERPS because it is no longer relevant.

Understood!  Our company will be mentioned in the new Concrete Wave magazine and have a photo shoot with three (3) major brand sponsors scheduled for Feb 6th.  Thanks for your feedback.

A few of our longboard designs are attached... website will be completed here soon!


Fusion Longboards is not going to be selling racing boards. Our focus is the classic Pintail infused with sacred geometry elements within our designs.

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