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Pros and cons would be good, or any general info on the two.

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I doubt you will find someone who could give there opinion on riding both.

The Elise is a hard board to get your hands on (in Oz) and the Lacey is fairly new and major stock has not yet arrived in Oz.

Im sure you couldn't really go wrong with either though.

i think hopkin will have the fullbag in a few weeks
there are only pros and no cons to both boards. they are uncomparable because they are both completley different
I think ill choose the lacey, just need to convince my mum the graphics not rude! gabe you ride the lacey right? what do you think?

a more suitable comparison would be the TM-37 vs. lacey. 

both are sick as fuck. TM-37 is my favourite board by far.

The graphic isn't rude. Lacy is a 1940's pin up girl! The pinnacle of class and a forum for artistic movement throughout the Western world!


The elise is amazing, the concave is just perfect imo and the shape is sexy. Its very durable as well as Ive had a few crashes on it after a rain race. Im rocking it with zealous trucks and love it!
hahaha ill tell her that, she thinks it encourages sex

In world war I and II the bomber pilots used to paint pin-up girls on their planes before they went out bombing. We are simply following in the footsteps of our bombing forefathers and repping hot bitches on our boards yo.

And yes, the Lacey is dope, get one.

i think ill get the lacey, its cheaper anyway, gabe what were those race formulas you had on the lacey at the first slide school?

The lacey is a sick board. But what would you be using it for..... DH, Freeride etc.

Other than that head down to your local shop and give each a ride.

For me personally, Id go lacey over elise anyday!


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