ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Flexdex is giving there Australian friends 15% off total order for the month of August.  Check out the new lineup, including the guaranteed for life indestructable boards or the new lightboards.


enter "aussie" at checkout for your 15% off




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Cool offer JoJo. The lightboard photo looks rad too.

I've still got 2 flexdex that I got in 1997 the 36" pro & a 29" with a fish graphic on it & Hang Ten logo.

As you said they are indestructable, & heaps of fun to ride. I've read a few articles about the company over the years so its good to see things progressing for you.

Hope you get a few bites over hear. 

My first longboard was a flexdex ks40 and I still have it, still ride it, still goes strong. I actually have 2 of the ks40's, also a pro 40 and clear 29 (snapped, eh).
Super fun boards to cruise around on.
Glad to hear there's so much love for Flexdex all the way out in Australia!  Yea we've been moving along coming out with a few new models and designs over the last year and focusing now on getting them overseas.  The lightboards are blowing up out here and I know it's just a matter of time until they make there way out to you guys.  Hey if you guys could send some pics or videos of you riding I'd love to add it to our site and have some Aussie representation.  Keep Shreddin'

Cheers JoJo. Hope to see the new boards get over here.

I'll catch up with Jack for a few photos soon & get some to you. I also have a mate with a 60 inch timber Flexdex, which is a

crazy board to skate. so I'll try to get him out for a ride too.

Take it Steezy mate.

Nice rigs there Tim. That 60" board is so much fun to skate.

Looks in good condition, how long have you had it ? Not as long as the Holden I guess.


American labor day weekend is this weekend and to celebrateFlexdex is marking all products down 20% for the next 36 hours so take advantage and type in "labor" at checkout for your 20% off!

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