ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

16th Of April At Blue Mountains Pump Station.


Its Saturday now rather then a Wednesday.

Not much else to say, anyone welcome..

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ahaahahha chilled event much
Rofl. If you want you can write the description hahaa
Might want to take a broom or blower , pretty messy when I rode it on Sunday arvo...
nick, we're at cadets
ass. and ye take a broom , i almost got thrown off because of leaves and whatnot. then i did , because of a catseye
^^^ like.
Hmm ill change date then 13th good for everyone?
think you could make it a weekend?
its in the holidays josh
yeah but i dunno how id get there, my parents are at work nd shit
probs josh, James, whats wrong with going twice haha
Going twice? Eh? What you mean?

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