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Getting abit sick of the spots around my area (chermside/asply), not really challenging enough for dh. Is there any good spots around brissy's northside? I can handle anything under about 65-70k's. Anyone keen for a session at a good spot soon?




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Bracken Ridge, Ferny Hills, Etons Hill, Cashmere, Wavell Heights, Wilston, Whiteside, Hamilton for starters.

WILSTON!....abuklea st....or the whole run on watson, then onto prospect and THEN onto abuklea!

ill hit up some of those places maybe on the weekend. I go around windsor so ill check out alderly and try to get to wilston. should be rad, cheers guys. 

trust me man, hellz worth coming to wilston and skating with some of us that are regular's the whole abuklea run needs spotters and needs to be dealt seriously as the people that live on watson street dont really like the idea of us blasting through corners at 50-60 than onto abuklea and charging at 70-75km/h. YOU NEED SPOTTERS!

yeah most people dont like people skating there streets in general. Yeah im keen as man, let us know when your heading there for sesh.  

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