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I wonna get some lethers but i have no idea what to look for, what are the best brands but are below $1000, what sort of features shoould i look for?

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bro you ride a sector 9 bob marley

ahh right now i get ya! definetly gonna wanna get a old set of casey stoners leathers then

Good to see someone getting smart enough to buy the safety gear before the spped board. Go for whatever you can get cheaply that fits with a bit of growing room. There is no point getting custom NKJ's at this stage just pick up some cheapies that let you tuck without cutting your goolies in half and then use the rest of your cash for a good helmet, gloves and a speed board.

ok cheers, i do but i dont like the bob marly so im goin to a bustin ibach dropdown deck nxt week :)

Get a daddow!

what is it?  Aussie made goodness!

makes the ibach look like... well a bustin board.... ewwwwww

were can i buy one in stores? are they a popular brand?


buy them from that link bro  these boards are the best australian made board you can find

ya maybz ive already orded the ibach so :/


yeah bro keep it, awesome for firewood.. ride a daddow

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