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Cult classic 80a or 82a street hawgs or 80a baluts or sector 9 butterballs or venom tweakers??????

I am looking for some new sliding wheels but i cant make a decision as i have so many options to choose from. Any help would be great

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Or These?

buy a set wear em down to nothing then move on to the next set, simple. butterballs or cults are a cheap place to get started

I think u should get cults for learning bigger standies cuz they have a small contact patch but are reeeealy buttery

you dont need new wheels need to go faster

No you dont, you think new wheels will make you learn bigger slides more wont and neither will sitting on ASRA go out and skate, and skate fast!

new wheels wont make ur slides longer. more speed makes bigger slides. its simple physicis bro. i guess you wouldnt know about that tho being in primary school!

Max Rodgers said:

sic coz i can already do like 5 mtr ones but i want to go bigger so sic!

What wheels do you have now?



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