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hey i was just wondering if anyone could give me there opinion on the comet fsm because im thinking of buying one, probable be using it for sliding, freestyle and light DH. i weigh about 68kg and im about 180cm tall. and can u please give me some good setups for it and if anyone else have a better board they want to add please do. hope u can help. 

cheers storky.

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Its a good board for all those things. Search on silverfish for reviews/setups. It has a rel. smaller foot platform - jump on one and see if you like it. I'm 175 and I think its fine but I have a small stance in general.  

Its a sick board man, had one as my first free-ride deck. Be aware it is not very durable, chips quite easily. I weigh just over 70 and managed to snap it after a couple months from early garbing stairs (no more than a 3 sets) other than that it feels really nice if your not planing to jump off stuff should be fine. Consider a Rayne Vendetta for a very similar feel with more durability.

i really recommend this board. Even though people say that its not as durable as it seems but its really sturdy for me. I weigh abit heavier than u but same height. Really good for sliding and just cruising around. This is my setup. 


Board: Comet FSM vicious grip
Trucks: Indy 215 trucks modded with 2.5 grade 8 kingpins
Wheels: Retro Freerides 80a
Bearings: Abec 11
Discipline: Freeriding/Dancing
Bushings: Venom Eliminators (87A/85A)


Trucks u can try using paris 180 and wheels u can try the abec 11 freerides any of them are good for sliding. The insane rocker and concave is really good and stable. 

just my 2cents. good luck in getting your comet fsm man! 

Gabe are you top mounting those indies? 


Cents said:

Gabe are you top mounting those indies? 

ok thanks everyone for commenting and you where all a good help and gave me some good ideas, cheers :)


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