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Have just completed my Chronocone hardware interface, based on a  "Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder to Joystick"(search ebay), and now have a twin lane race timer for less than $100.

Chronocone offers laptop based twin lane timing, that dumps results straight into a spreadsheet, so race organisers can throw away the pencils! Chronocone can do everthing that the latest trackate can, such as start tones, and common start timing for head to head, calculate cone penalties, early start penalties, and DQ's based on cones or early starts.

Props to Pat Chewning (ISSA) for developing it in the first place, and for sending the source code to me so that I can make it run on our hardware.

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No, most of these software projects were written for PC.

The easier option for you is borrow the CROSS Trackmate from Scotty.

Then see this:

Trackmate reader software

Thanks Marcus Seyffarth for this one.

Bernie, so 13 days from my race. Played around with the Chronocone software to be comfortable.  Only issue i'm having is with the brackets for head to head. In the instructions, it says if I were to have 8 racers just scroll all the way til round of 8.  But what do I do if have 10 racers? It gives the first 6 people a bye which just screws up the whole bracket.  Wish it would automatically give #1 and #2 qualifier a bye.....

Actually seems to be purely mathematical.  10 person bracket just doesn't work unless i gave the 1st 6 people a bye

That is right.

Run the qualifiers 1st. 

The slowest 4 qualifiers go into an elimination round to deliver 2  racers into the round of 8.


cut the slowest 2 of the 10 out at qualifying.

I have attached:
MOSSSlalomMaster.xlt - a worksheet template that has the simple elimination tree

For single lane & ditch events, just use the qualifier sheets, and the rankings is the result.

The Twisted Jam Single Lane format is also attached, but you will need to check if it loads from Chroncone.
Twisted jam works well because it shows live ranking, and how much improvement is needed by each racer.

If you want to run a repecharge format see for double elimination.
Once you get past qualifying, you can use the hand written tree for the event, and just use the chroncone to work out who won each round.


Bernie, thanks a million. Some great resources there! If I had the money, I'd fly you here for my race as a way to say thanks ;)

New USB interface for Chronocone!


It is a module for arcade style game consoles, and is so much easier to use than game-pads, because the switch connectors are human size. It also seems to be a lot more reliable than the game-pads.

Testing so far looks like Opto-isolator is not needed, because it is built for those big buttons on arcade machines.

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