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Have just completed my Chronocone hardware interface, based on a  "Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder to Joystick"(search ebay), and now have a twin lane race timer for less than $100.

Chronocone offers laptop based twin lane timing, that dumps results straight into a spreadsheet, so race organisers can throw away the pencils! Chronocone can do everthing that the latest trackate can, such as start tones, and common start timing for head to head, calculate cone penalties, early start penalties, and DQ's based on cones or early starts.

Props to Pat Chewning (ISSA) for developing it in the first place, and for sending the source code to me so that I can make it run on our hardware.

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Bernie once again your slalom timing porn is awesome please provide some pics!!
Yes! Fantastic stuff Bernie. Are you planning to make more of the gamepad interfaces and sell them to interested punters?

Can Chronocone do random start beeps? I'd like to try that instead of the 4 evenly spaced beeps. Random is how most racing sports do it (swimming, running etc.)

This is the controller board. 
It is mounted in a box with RJ12 connectors to each tape switch.
Very easy to put together!

 Search Ebay for "Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder to Joystick"

Timer Window

Setup options

Just trick'n ....seen Jacko hit heaps more cones!!!
are you going to be selling them sometime soon ? Pricing
Mic W said:
are you going to be selling them sometime soon ? Pricing

Should be able to build a couple more, when I get to test it under race conditions, on a long cable.
When that is OK, how many are wanted?
No idea of pricing yet.
ASRA will buy one from you!
Bugs said:
ASRA will buy one from you!
Pick one at Melbourne CHC!
Did you get the software, and did you get it loaded onto a computer without one of the righteous operating systems?
Tested system on weekend.
Timing system worked well on 100metre cable.
Computer suffered from Glare and short battery life, and the 12volt power adapter died from overwork.
(note to self,next time bring generator, cardboard box, tent, table, chair)
Overall impression.
For training......lugging all the extra computer stuff to the session is pain (and it stops you from getting a run).
For is the way of the future!
Bugs.....I have built one just for you!
We have commonly suffered from the same laptop issue. Just gotta buy a second battery, which saves lugging a genie
OK Nerds!

Here is a test spreadsheet that will run with chronocone, or can be used manually.
It is the ASRA Double Elimination sheet.
It will work out the best qualifying time, then work out the racing order for the entire event, and who wins!
I have put test data in it, so you can see how the results work, on the assumption that the fastest qualifier wins.
It needs the chart to be added, and the elimination round on the final results page.
Please have a go at using it, and let me know what you think.
If you think it works OK, I will finish it off, and repost it as a ready to use sheet.

Note on the qualifying page you will see the letters DNF. That is a formula that calculates cone penalties. don't enter data on those cells. Also you need to hit F9 to make it recalculate

I know the thread is a bit old here, but I want to use chronocone.  I have the software.  Can you show me/tell me how you made the USB computer connection with the game controller?  Thanks!

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