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any news on dates yet  ??

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MOSS is working on a date for the jam. Please see CDS.
Hopefully we can get agreement on a weekend soon.
Combined bowl jam & CHC makes most sense

Mic W said:
Are we able to tie the Melbourne leg on the Sunday of the same weeked they run Mossjam , Is it possible to have one on the Sunday at Newcastle the day after CAOS on the Saturday , lot easier to build numbers and hit more than one event if your interested,potentially bring in new participants that might not have travelled specifically for a slalom event...
i reckon a fitzroy twilight super G would be awesome, fitzroy is a popular spot for our outlaw DH races and has some runs that would be perfect, i used to run super G there with a guy and it was flawless, also its fairly well lit

Marek said:
Yeah Sean the Superish G at the pumpstation worked great. I would say just put it on along with the next Melbourne slalom race but twilight in Melbourne in June might not be great. Just put it on for summer anyway, cones, a timer and some stationary and your away!

sean meaney said:
melbourne super G would be awesome, I think it would definently get alot more groms keen to do it as its something that 90% of them could run with their current setup's, maybe a twilight fitzroy gardens race would be worth running, regardless i think it would be cool to get something going on that dont require a slalom specific board

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