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Off to Mt Isa and central Qld for work so I will have to pass.
Pitty just boughts some leathers, gloves and a helmet so im ready to go . Not back until next Sat arvo
shame, we'll have to roll when you get back for sure.
myself and a few crew are gunna skate some runs in canberra prior to the Conehead cup,like the day before,still unsure on the dates yet[dates arent set yet],but well be there if anyones keen to join.
will be good to see you guys in canberra.

will see if I can get some time off work to play.
sounds good, i found a nice run out near corin forrest yesterday.
wednesday evening o'malley sesh anyone?
will be there
it's looking a bit wet...
it is wet and I'm feeling pretty shithouse. see you on sunday.
hey man, i prob cant do sunday, there's a work trip to the coast, probably wont get back till sunday night...
clyde???? death????mad!!!
yes you will die, have gone done it in my car a few times and really want to ride it but as of yet haven't gotten out to ride. usually too much traffic
yo, late notice, o'mally session tonight from 6.30, DO IT!

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