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will i still be able to do slides and dh on a landyachtz 925 with paris 180

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also yes, but bears will give you more clearance to run 75mm wheels.
yeah you can, but I prefer 195s to the 180s, mad for freeride and slides can bomb too
You will be able to.  However, depending on your weight, you may get wheel bite.  Im 85kg and run Paris 180's on my 9two5.  Ive had to put quite stiff bushings in to prevent wheel bite.
im 47kg i wont get wheel bit if i run 75mm,,, right?

Dont know, Im not 47kg :)

If you are running a 9two5, just go with the bears as recommended.  Im running Paris because they happened to be lying around, not out of choice!

run what ever you want im 60 kgs i had randal 42s and munkaes .........with any wheel i wanted inheats maily never had wheel bit .......

Answer to your question.


thanks man,,, should i go with 70mm 86a stims.. i have 86a in heats on my tan tien and their fine

george keldoulis said:
i used to use a 9two5 with paris 180s and you will bite with 75mm wheels. just stick to 70

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