ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Our mighty Southside crew has a population of three*, weather permitting. (If it rains i stay home). Our conversations have become stale and our stalefish even stale... er.


We have a local skate shop that stocks o'tangs. Now, unless there are a bunch of kids getting wheel bite on z flex's all over the place, i've always figured that there were more fans of the long skate out there... 


Anyway, time for a short story...

Towards the end of last year James and myself were slashing a local hill when a bunch of grommets with boards, lids and gloves rocked up. - Kids had some skills. James and myself were stoked with the session and decided to get some shorter shorts, better tans and do it all again another day.


Now heres the thing, during the session i mentioned ASRA, SCBS and how good i am at 180's atleast 30 times and it seemed they were across it, i'm sure a couple of em' were even ASRA members.


I like stories. Righto then, here's the pointy bit: Sutherland Shire longboarders - show yourselves fools... i want to see numbers before i go ahead and create an awesome group for all three* of us.



*Southside crew population is actually two. Fitz has been added just incase he participates in the near future... but mostly to bump the numbers up a bit.


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How about Colin Olive of the Caringbah nose guard clan

Every mighty crew needs a Colin Olive. He's in.


One more and the car is full. Hectic times down here...

Alex I'll come skate with you in my lunch break...South-side!
No-can-do Lea. I'm westside weekdays, working out at North Strathfield. Its heavy.
full hecca's aye. I'll join the gang and add a vehicle! 4 more spots just opened up. Yeew!

If you had only asked 34 years ago!!!!!!!

I grew up in Lilli Pilli!!!!!!!!!

And I was skating a fibreglass board with the all new urethane wheels, a home made timber kick tail and stalling block. Me and my mates would hang out at Lilli Pilli school and skate the playground every afternoon and weekend.

Awesome times.

There are others deep in the hobbit filled woodwork we call the shire.

Joey "The Big Man" Eagle. He's always down for a slide sesh until he buggars off to England.

Joel "Tool Time" Foster


Irish Aus' is another from the Caz'bah Clan.


Sadly, like Alex said, I do s.f.a skating these days. Must get out for a roll again soon.


Love the SouthSide crew.

I come up with SSGC back in 05 when we had 3 riders from the shire bombing Kiera!

Loving the graphic design skills Alex!


Chuck really was shredding the other day....


What does ssgc stand for Fitz? Sutherland shire gong crew?


I spent my first18 years in the Shire (Sylvania), so you can add me even though my Shire passport has expired and I can no longer return. Like BJ I also had a fibreglass deck with urethane wheels and a home made wooden tail block.

But face it, the Shire is a place to leave not live.
Absolute rubbish Bugs, your just jealous that you cant come over our side of the bridge anymore  :p

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