ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Head over to and check it out!! 

Upload your promo's, Check out the best locations in Brisbane! Use the forum to organise a session. 

But remember the site is still new so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Send your suggestions to


Hope to see you there! 

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ASRA is the only forum we need for a bris longboarder, your just complicating it with this.

My mate and I made that map your referring to as well, it's rubbish and unbelievably outdated.

Hey guys, I have no idea how to use this website haha sorry if I'm commenting on something important... But anywho, I live in Brisbane.. I know the basics of longboarding been on and off with it, want to get back Into ect.. I was wondering if you knew anyone or places that basically teach you downhilling and stuff I want to learn more but I'm a girl and lack knowledge haha would like someone to help out! Link me or facebook me- rachael Lebrun. Thanks!

Sunshine state speedboarding.  Put it into the search bar and comment on that thread.  There are tons of people that skate in Brisbane.  There is a Friday night carparks going on this week, followed by Toohey Tracks on Saturday and Mt Gravity race on Sunday morning.  Have a look under the events tab!



Also, to do with the website... we already have the sunshine state group, friday night skates and plenty of weekend sessions, don't really see the need for another website.  It's just about getting to know people then going out to skate!

Where's the link tab.. Anything that's not fb I suck at hahaha.. If I type in flatland will it come up with people who do it?
I think this kind of idea is best designed as a Facebook group, like that Brisbane Freestyle Longboarding group. Anyone can join, anyone can comment and ask if people want to join them for sessions.
What Skittles said. 
Harrison, you only joined ASRA last Wednesday man, you need to explore the website more. If you read any of the posts in the last year or so in Sunshine State Speedboarding you'll see that the main scene is in Brisbane. There's also a group called Sunshine Skate Society, it's a closed group. There is a large group of skaters in south east Queensland and someone always wants to skate. 
To start up another website, just seems a little silly.
Once you start skating with everyone these days you add them on facebook. Everyone on here has a balance between phone numbers, facebook and on here.
Just got to get out and meet everyone man.
Turn up to some of the events that Skittles put up, you'll meet the whole crew in one weekend. Let's skate!

The other problem is putting up locations in public view.  Many of the harder runs have other names to keep them quiet in a public forum.  We have the Sunshine Skate Society so we can plan stuff out of the public eye.


You will run a risk of the cops finding the site and just doing partols of the spots listed.


It's a great idea in theory, but probably limited to the groms, who may just even move to just using asra once they know everyone and are part of a group.

Website looks a bit tacky tbh bro. ASRA is the easiest. The longboarding community isn't big enough to warrant a new site for each city. Maybe in a few years when this site becomes too crowded a city/state specific site would be good, but for now this works perfect.


The facebook groups are pretty easy Rachael, the only downside is you will get notifications you don't really care about from all the groms.

For some reason new ones keep popping up, i'm in these two and some others at the moment:


There are some others, but those both have about 90 members and get a fair bit of use. If you post in there you will find people to longboard with around brisbane.

Rachael Lebrun said:

Where's the link tab.. Anything that's not fb I suck at hahaha.. If I type in flatland will it come up with people who do it?

the web site gives you a viris

Talk about dumb advertising, whould ANYONE actually bother to read all of that?

pfft.. not me

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