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Words cannot describe how angry i am with them atm, they are so slack! All their products just seem to become damaged or lost in the mail- my longboard arrived cracked and my kneepads didnt even show up! at least make an effort to bubble wrap your stuff like any decent skate shop would.. 

Has anyone else had a problem with boardshop? 

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Simple ring ado he will get you what you need and no stuffing around. It's worth it for piece of mind alone.
Never had anything to do with boardshop.
Never wanted to, from the first 46 inch pin tail I had that I wanted ti upgrade the bushings and the bearings in creative sk8 has been awesome. I have bought bearings and bushings from hop, awesome. Just click on the couple of stores on asra's home page and you can't go wrong.
I spine to ado 5.30 last Friday and came home from work today to a shiny package. What more do you ask for.

Boomhauer said:

yeah i try to buy from hemleys in melbourne, but they dont stock the 187 pro pads. and boardshops cheap pricing is very, very tempting at times!

Matthys said:

dont buy boardshop

buy Cre8ivesk8

tony from boardshop has clearly shown that the only reason which he runs the store is money off skaters..

When you juxtapose tony with Ado from cre8ive, we see that tony does not support the scene at all, and can only get sales through undercutting other Australian shops with lower prices. He can only do this due to the fact that he doesn't have to account for the costs of running a physical shop, and is only an internet distributer...

Ado on the other hand has, since the roots of downhill in australia, supported the scene through distribution, sponsorships, give-aways, financial support, and i-owe-yous..

I heard tyler hampson, one of the founders of streetluge in brisbane say the other day that if ado were to pull up a list of all the ioweyous that he has given out, he would be a very rich man..

for relevance, email boardshop about what happened to you... and if they dont reply, spam their facebook profile...


They sent my friend a Go-Pro 'HD' Hero, for the regular retail price, but it is some cheap China copy that bearly takes 240p quality video. He has emailed them several times - no reply.

You all got farted on for shopping at what isn't even a shop.
I saw someones mum come into the hopshop the other day with a double kicker in what looked like a ziplock bag, wasn't assembled and didn't have bolts. Err... Goodone boardshop
That's your own mistake, there's 5 sick shops in Aus helping the scene. Hopkin, hemley, cre8ive, dailys, and motion All being rad cunts.

If you wanna be a stinge and buy online. It's your own fault.
You only get out what you put in remember this when you buy your gear.

Whilst your friend's experience is quite disappointing to hear I find myself having no sympathy for your Gullwing story. Its not their fault for the trucks poor design nor is it their fault the bushings didn't work well with the trucks. Now sure they could have provided better customer service but seriously buying things the expecting things to magically turn out fine without any prior research is asking for trouble.

Did you email them asking about the trucks or the bushings before purchase? Also the grinding noise could be due to a variety of issues which don't relate to a faulty truck. Hell I have that in my bennets and its just the bushings rubbing against the bushing seat, either that or its an unpolished kingpin or the pivot cup. Not only that I pump around a lot and the bennett king pin absolutely rapes my bushings - its a design flaw not a shop owner fault.   

Tuure Pineapple said:

I have. Ordered gullwing trucks and bushings, the gullwing trucks destroyed the bushings, along with making a loud grinding noise whenever I turned (even with stock bushings). In fear that the truck might snap in two, rang them up and they got angry at me. Saying how I should have known the bushings wouldnt fit and even though the trucks are making loud noises, I cant get a refund because Ive used them.
(Found out later the gullwings were a chinese model that are known to have many problems, due to certain reasons I cant remember)
My friend ordred a complete ages ago and didnt get any hardware, rang up, they accused him of trying to steal their products.

Boardshop are not helpful at all.

^^^ Have to agree. Hardly boardshop's fault that gullwings are a crappy truck. I ordered chargers from them. No major dramas, although I asked a question about the product that was ignored. You take a risk buying online from a supplier you know nothing about, just to save a few bucks. I don't do it anymore unless it's something I just can't get from Hopkin.

Some disappointing stories here but also a fair amount of bullshit. Matthys, wake up mate! People are in business to make money fullstop. Sure plug your own sponsors but be careful with what you write or say or you may leave yourself open to be sued. There are plenty of guidelines for buying online just make sure you know what your buying. CAVEAT EMPTOR - buyer beware.


If you don't get what you've ordered and paid for contact the supplier immediately (don't use it/ride it etc) and speak with the owner. If unavailable get their mobile number or direct email address. If you still get no joy then post on their facebook and social media sites, keep to the facts and leave your emotions out of it. This is generally all that's required to sort things out.


Online stores are taking over from retaill outlets no doubt about it. Ask Hop, ado and the other store owners where they make their money and you'll probably find that they'll answer "online" and couldn't survive with out it. In the case of Creative are you going to drive for 2 days from the goldy to townsville to buy shit or order online? Same goes for driving from one side of Sydney to the other.


Where is the love brothers and sisters?


yeah i had to return a faulty set of wheels and they didnt get back to me for 3 months!

That's what people are doing - being wary of a shop with a poor record for communication or service. From the number of stories it's fairly evident this is a shop that people have every right to be wary of. Whether online or offline, a business relies on reputation and in that regard you reap what you sow...

Geoff Carroll said:

CAVEAT EMPTOR - buyer beware.


Tony has always been a madcunt to me, never had problems, although i tend to spread my orders around, since theres more then one madcunt running a skate shop in aus its way more fun to order from all instead of one. thatsmytwocents also how i economically maximise my own consumer surplus, you gotta run on your own initiative here people!

Hi guys,

First off Boomhauer i apologize for what has happened i assure you this is not the norm we have recently hired new staff and i understand everything isn't perfect. What i don't understand is if there is any problem at all please call or email us the phone is answered   9-5 Monday to Saturday and emails are answered every day we also have a store front on the gold coast unit 1/10 Ereton drive arundel 4215 QLD. We are NOT just a online distributor we have supported the community in every way we possibly can, we always appreciate constructive criticism constructive is the key word here if you have any suggestions please call me on 1300 786 533 or email me at


They sent my friend a Go-Pro 'HD' Hero, for the regular retail price, but it is some cheap China copy that bearly takes 240p quality video. He has emailed them several times - no reply.


I can personally assure our gopro cameras are NOT Chinese copy's as I order them directly from gopro in Australia if there is a problem with the camera please send it  reply paid back to us and i will resolve the issue asap i apologize but i can find any emails regarding this problem.


i did plenty of research. Problem is, the chinese model is made with a slight different mold or something. Either way, boardshop were absolute dicks to me when i asked what the problem was, when i asked for a refund they started accusing me of trying to rip them off.
I apologize if you felt this was not handled appropriately but i can assure you the gullwing trucks are the same as every other gullwing truck as they are all made in the factory by sector nine who we order from directly. Feel free to send the trucks back to us and we will send out a replacement set at no charge again i apologize if you felt you where treated harshly.
So again everyone if you have any suggestions, feedback or any problems please call me personally on 1300 786 533 and or email me at


you dont order from sector 9 directly though...

Few times i've ordered from there it's all been sweet.

I get the feeling this is just like one of those ASRA things where a few experienced guys don't like boardshop or had a problem or wanna plug there sponsors, and suddenly every grom here wants to hate on them too.


Like i said, only personal experience, but fast shipping if i order over the net, and when i bought a complete dervish back like 3 years ago they gave me all bolts and advice on bushings and wheels and how to put in spacers and speed rings.


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