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just want to know if there is really much of a difference?

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I'm not sure if Tektons have built in washers like biltins do, and Tektons can go faster

if you dont want to dick around with spacers and speed rings get some,otherwise they are just another bearing.

Keep your bearings cleane and lubed and their is bugger all differance between most brands.


I found a set of Tecktons i bought grainy sounding out of the box so im not a big fan. (just the std ones not ceramic)

Biltins have bigger built in speed rings.

I doubt you will notice any speed difference.

They are both good sets of built in bearings.

Keep em clean, avoid water if possible.

Tektons all the way braaaa!

but biltins are just as good

tektons are reaaaaaallllyyyyy loud but they last for a long time

Tektons have a rubber seal so easier to open and clean Biltins have steel seals and c clips (pain in the arse to open and near on impossible to close again). Seems to be a lot of slop in the Tektons but they are fast (if a little loud) and seem to hold together well.

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