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Hi guys


I should be attending the NGS Hillclimb races in December i am just wandering what are the best wheels for it. I will be riding a 9two5 with bears and normal reds, if that helps.


Thanks guys



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70mm wheels if you can stick a good line and dodge all the rough parts

75mm if you think you might be hitting a few of the rough stuff (to keep that roll speed)


Zigs and Inheats are always good but cult wheels have been getting good reviews. The track does not push any wheel to their grip limit, so it doesn't really matter too much.


You are actually better off practicing your tuck every night and keep that $80 for another set of wheels another time.

Thanks skittles but I need a set of wheels for speed i only have some sliding wheels atm. I thinking about getting the inheats or 4prez thanks

try early stickys fuckin gnar through the turns, they are fast (really fast), grip like super glue and they drift awesomely at high speeds but you dont need to drift on hillclimb.


Seriously try some stickys

stickys would be bad for hillclimb.. too little moemntum. run whatever wheels you want dude. if you have a solid push and can get a big wheel rolling quickly ride a big wheel. or get venom cannibals

ive got a very simmilar hill to hill climb near me and stickys a awesome on it

have you ridden hillclimb?

once before i even new asra existed and i was on inheats

97mm reflys, if u can get a hold of some

Man it doesn't matter, it's the rider not the gear. 
Both 70mm and 75mm wheels have won there before.
Podium placing wheels include Retro Zigs, InHeats, Mini Monster Hawgs, Retro Bigzigs, 76mm Flywheels, 4pres, Seismic Speedvents.
With this much variation just on the podium, other kinds won heats. Trust us man, it's the rider. Just get some round wheels, don't even have to be new man, and then it's up to you. To finish first, first you have to finish. 

Elliots spot on guys! I'd worry about if your legs can hold a tuck the whole way for several runs before what wheels your using.


and then there is the matter of tactics and drafting

good lines holding tuck will win you more races at hilclimb than drafting will,imo,drafting will keep you close to the fastest riders but wont get you past them,.yes of course drafting someone with a lazy tuck is easy,its a different story when you pull out of the draft to pass a fast guy at 40 kph and as soon as your breaking your own air,hes pulling away on you again,as he continues to take the best lines,


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