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Looking for some cheap slide wheels that wear out
Or some expensive slide wheels that last for ages

Yes, I know, "it depends on the skater how the wheels wear out".

Also feel free to argue  your point about wheels.

Hillarity will ensue.

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Haha. I gotta say, I love my Retro Freerides. Some of the best slide wheels I've tried. A little breaking in and you've got clean, silent buttery slides.

best freeride wheels are the '4' skateboard company. the white  70mm cruiser wheelsare huge in  wa and slide like free rides and there 60 dollars such a good wheel and they wear well even when you do big standies :)


best wheels out !

Josh Musumeci said:

s9 center-set race form round lip 78a, surprisingly last a while  


goodtime sells them for 55

Lachlan Shorty said:

were can u get blueys for 50???


btw mike mcord if you want some wheels that last 4ever tryout nersh smoothies

Tuure Pineapple said:

Blueys are awesome but they arent icy. Personally I dislike icy wheels, I like nice controlled buttery slides.  I've owned zombies, heshers, stims and drifters.  Blueys are currently my fav, mind you they wear down like crazy, yet theres a site that sells them for like $50 which is a great deal.

In case I have a diff description to some: Icy wheels slide out quick and are harder to control (Makes learning to slide easy). Buttery are slower and feel more controlled, usually take a bit more technique to kick out.

Also doubt Swampys are icy being 78a, havnt tried them yet, but they should be coming in the mail soon.

surprised nobody has already said classic thane zigs, heaps buttery and sick slides, wears sorta fast but evenly, unlike otangs that egg and flatspot like mad

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