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What is the best longboard for downhill racing?

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dude id take down this disscussion down before any one really takes notice, your asking a colective group of thousands of riders, your gonna hear a whole lot of ppl saying "daddow is the best " or "rayne rules" "SHUT UP GROMET the truth is its never the board but the rider!.and youl never get good asking questions like this and not out riding, a small bit of reseach might show that for 2010 it was the kill switch, top selling and most international podiums, 2011 well a whole lot of new shit hit the market, but if we are talking racing here the IGSA winner was riding an elise, generalise this infomation and im talking about a topmount,

 buy a top mount from the hop-shop and go skate!!!


Pretty much what Rob said, except I want to add that you should try out a couple of boards to decide on topmount, dropthru or drop. Topmount does have certain clear advantages, but everyone has their preference.

Do some research on what makes a good speedboard.

Construction - stiffness




so on...

Then when you find ones that you might like, try find some reviews.

Get a vault I hear they are the best in the world!

User no longer active. ASRA trolled.

Should get a loaded dervish perfect for high speeds

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