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hey guess what, pie is now a NO-GO ZONE! yup thats right, you guys blew it!


BenBro, Gabe and myself were the first to skate that hill well over a year ago, and since then we have taken several crew to this hill. The first only time we have been hassled by coppers there was first time we ever skated it, mainly because we were there for at least 4 hours sessioning the shit out of it, and eventually a copper just happened to drive by. He was cool however, he was just doing his job and politely told us to move on, and that was after a 20 min conversation about downhill skateboarding and how interesting it was.

Luca and i went there yesterday and we didnt even get a chance to get our boards out of the car before a Policeman rocked up on his bike and went ape shit at us, told us he was going to fine us, take our boards, take our phones, take our cameras, take our licenses and throw us in jail. He was one angry copper. Now i know my rights and i know he can't take any of our stuff so to save argument we smiled, nodded and were on our merry way.


Now the thing that pisses me off, is how much of an asshole he was. He was such an asshole not because he was born that way, but because he told us he has gone through this same routine so many times lately, and has stopped more than 4 groups of skaters in the past month! None of the crew who actually skate that hill regularly have been there in a while due to other things like competitions (or injuries) and the first time we actually rock up to OUR LOCAL we get booted before a run... When you skate a road like Pie in the Sky, you need to be as fast as, if not FASTER than the traffic. The hill is not steep, which makes it good for beginners in some sense but then again it is a highway, and there is traffic. If you are slow, and look slow, and holding up traffic people get the shits and call the cops. When there is a group of 3-7 kids rolling down the hill slow as fuck it does not look good at all, and the first thing people do is call the cops.


The sydney boys and myself have been skating at this spot for a long time, and barely get hassled by anyone at all. When we ride, we ride fast, get in, get out and dont get caught. The only people that stop us are the people who are interested in what we are doing and are super stoked. Now that theres so many grommets stinking up the place it has become a hotspot for the police, and the hills is ruined.


So from now on, no one is to go to this hill. If you want to skate it, ask us and we might take you there. But for all those who are keen to start bombing hills and what not, dont just rock up to a highway and think all will be good, coz it wont, and your the sort of people who are ruining it for the rest of us.

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fucken eh
We have the saaaame problem in Radelaide. The more people getting into the sport, the more this will happen.

Exact thing is happening in Adelaide

it fucking sucks, losing some real good spots 

Yep sure does piss me off when ppl who can't sk8 for shit go to gnar corner spots and don't even sk8 the corner(s), go to any other straight road and practice your slides.

yer we r going throught this shit in adelaide. worst thing is when grom groms go and sesh a corner of great dh runs. 

sucks balls

The funny thing is that all the groms are saying it's shit. So if your commenting here, who is doing it?


Sorry Jacko, hijacked your thread.

spewin to hear your session was a waste of time..the big problem is that when we are there the only time we get spotted is when were actually on our boards going down the hill..but ive been told by the groms themselves that they catch a train there then walk around with there boards up n down the hill having everyone spotting them..the obvious presence is wat attracts attention,aswell as the fact they have still been going there often enough for the place to continually get hotter with cops...and recently there even naming the place and organizing sessions on facebook....its not just us that call that place pie,everyone knows it as pie in sky. 

the cc groms told me that they were there recently and were skating to the hill on the side,and the cops were onto them before they even got there,said they hung around and the cops kept coming back scoping the place..

ive avoided it bigtime in recent months for this reason,hoping it would cool down,but from wat i keep hearing,the place is lost....

 ive stressed all this about spots, to certain people., now they may understand...

Don't put names up of the roads you skate, so it is safe with you for as long as possible from others and the bacon that may read our sites. Same goes for Outlaw races. Don't give out the names of roads, send a private message. We need to protect our playgrounds. And take your rubbish away, smile and wave to everyone !!!

    Merry Christmas !!!


dani is mainly the grom groms, who think they r top when they just get into it but dont think they can do the full run so they go ahh we can just sesh one of the corners! 

Dani said:

The funny thing is that all the groms are saying it's shit. So if your commenting here, who is doing it?


Sorry Jacko, hijacked your thread.

so all in all, we have our backyard, you have yours... if your doing shit, well... you know what happens...




find your own hills kids

guess what Jacko, Corkscrew will soon be a bust as well.

Jayden for dudes who have been skating local hills such as these for years as a tight crew, any newcomers to these hills are groms. that includes you and your crew. its hard for us to just move aside and let you take over OUR hills, especially when the bulk of the busts are the cause of groms.


i guess its a big issue that comes with the growth of this sport and something we as the leaders of the Aussie scene need to come to realise. its a horrible realisation, but something we need to try and control is some way.

For those of you that interact with the overseas skaters. What do they do in other countries differently, if anything, to overcome the problems that are happening here? Where and how do they train?

I believe that this could just be a fad for the majority. Like the yo-yo. It will be big for a year or 2 then only the dedicated few will continue. Sorry to compare it with a yo-yo!



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