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I'm just starting out, and was just haven a suss to see if there are any sic skaters in Sydney who want to Shread fast gnar runs.

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I'm sic as fuk. Sherd the gnar all the time too...

what bearings should i bring?,is it a grom friendly hill?,have you got a board i can try?,can someone lend me a helmut?

i can double pendy and do a tiger claw at 80.

I only hav a sector 9 cruizer but we have some heaps fast hills around that you can get like, 35 on without too many death wobbles. Ill show you these hills just crank ya trucks tight as and youll be sweet! 
Road the runs down candy mountain.

james beton said:
wheres gnar
hahahahahahahahahha cam....

yea im up for a run anytime were abouts in sydney are you im in west ryde


Come check out Hornsby. We have some gnarly hills here. Ranging from 35-70. Good hills to practise your stand up slides.

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