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I am really stuck on this one, i was just wondering what you guys would prefer

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nah not really kahas are sick for freeriding


Yeah i really want something that is amazing for both dh and Freeride


what about bear presisicions??? or are they bad???? I wouldn't know

nah i dont want them!

and i dont think they are very good


yeah but they cost heaps... i think aeras are heaps good for dh and freeride.

I reccomend them


so you have ridden them i see...


Munkae 175s brotherman. shit turns sharp and quick. jank em up if u want and throw em around

Hudson Proudman said:

nah i dont want them!

and i dont think they are very good


kahas...,lent mine to die hard aera fanatics and they said ''where can i get some,these are rad''..

the only problem with kahas is getting hold of some,most people that have them wont sell them and they dont seem to be sending many to australia atm

yeh,munkaes are also epic.....


yea if you cant get kahas get some munkaes dude, aeras are overrated imo

Yeah munkaes are rad, they may not feel great when you are like crusing around and shit, but the faster you go on them the radness reveals itself. Sick to freeride with and lay down sneaky checks. They also have fantastic bushing seats and pivot cups, a lot of people dont really think about those with precision trucks (well the people i know)

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