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OK, been here a couple of weeks and just awaiting my board and gloves in the mail. I'm looking for some like minded folks to skate with. Preferably those who want to slide but I'm up for a bit of all skateboarding antics.

I'm in Semaphore, Adelaide and have wheels (in garage) so will be able to get places. Even if you can't meet up if anyone can suggest a hill spot that I'm unlikely to get arrested on (reading post on corkscrew Road) that would be swell. Ultimately I'm looking for a friendly slide crew to share some stoke with.

I've seen plenty of boarders about so don't be shy

woot woot

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no worries

...and yeah bellevue heights is pretty damn steep.

+ some ugly intersections, careful around there.

This Adelaide is probably a new design in the longboard and it’s a "HyperOutdoor" which most of the people used to play. Even I am addicted to it and just want this HyperOutdoor longboard because this shape is marvelous. I am so happy today to see this longboard brand of HyperOutdoor, now right after this I am going to buy this thing because it's beating my heart.

Anyways thanks a lot for sharing this article.

Still dad boarding - who out there, car parks, chill hills, slide sess?

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