ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Keep an eye out for the feature story on A Current Affair tomorrow night.

'Skateboard hooligans, morons with a death wish'

I did an interview today with ACA will be interesting to see how it goes on the cutting room floor. From the title I assume its gonna be a massacre.

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  1. because those sort of people watch shit tv an d beleive it and its not just bts its all gravity permits so where all out laws but you can bet fines and that sort of shit will be next

But a legal event would not be illegal. Same as car racing at Clipsal is not illegal. So it has nothing to do with anything in that report... At all.

Even better, they all ready fine people at outlaws. Add that to the story. Australia is so far from a normal country, it is ludacris! Makes my blood boil!

Not ranting at you Murrah, just ranting in general.

but i bet they up the fine so it realy hurts not just 50 bucks thats how government works. if there pulling permits thats not a big step


It is different in every state. Fine is over 100 in SA but only 50 in Sydney. In Tasmania you can either take a small fine (can't remember how much but less than Sydney's) or you can give them your board for a week and they give it back after that week long period. It is up to state Government, not federal. Anyway, as Bugs just showed us, they are already onto buggies on bikes now. Give it another 2 weeks and it will be 5 other things worse than death!!!

We have had much worse press than this with much more watched and reputable news sources. It will blow over.

trouble with gov one does it they do it it called arse covering they didnt seen to seperate legal from outlaw so dont expext intelligents to prevail there pavlovian dogs

I think everyone forgets how dangerous our sport actually is, with drivers playing Roundabout Roullete and the Senior Driver Problem. But fear not, police are cracking down on the Dangerous Truck Drivers we keep hitting. I mean its understandable drivers are too busy trying to decipher the Crazy road signage and don't have time to look at the road. And for any drivers out there who are worried about the legal jungle of road rules, don't, here are some tips on how to dodge and fight UNFAIR SPEEDING FINES.

haha! Matty and Lachy... You guys rock my world!

send that one in to aca matty. that's brilliant!

Heres the link

if it doesn't work just search skater warning in the search bar at the top 

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