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ive got some 78a vault wheels on a cruise board, but i want some harder ones for better slides. 

would abec 11s? be good? i like the look of there 66mm strikers, as i want them for all round use.

if their good can anyone who wants to sell some post pics? looking to spend around 30 max, as i could get new ones for $40


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If you can buy new ones for $40 landed at your house than you know something that nobody else does. Check the website you are looking at and see if it has a .com or address. You may need to raise your expectation on what wheels cost
crap i thought the $40 was including free postage, but its like another 40...
free postage if you live in California
No buy the 83a longboard wheels or buy some real wheels. Vault wheels lasted me about half of what my orangatangs did and they lasted 1 day for me :\

Not all wheels are equal. You buy a $27 set of wheels and thats what you get. You can also buy a $27 deck but you don't see many people doing it. Best you look for the best wheel and than try to find a good price. Skateboard express gear is cheap generic garbage that has zero quality. You can find the same quality in the toy section of Kmart.


The best little wheel for slides is the Orangatang fatfree 65mm 86a. Abec11 also make a small freeride wheel in 66mm 84a

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